Sunday, November 20, 2011


what a week, apart from getting over renal cholic with the odd twinge every now and then it's been a week of Making ATCs I've made about 20 in all but cannot show them as they are for swaps and a secret santa swap.

This secret santa swap is making me grow greyer by the day......everytime I do something I'm happy then a day or two later I read their profile and feel that it's not 100% to what I should be doing !!!

On Friday I went to the MONDO CREATIVO craft fair in Bologna with 2 dear friends, lots of nice stalls,tempting items to buy, mini workshops, demonstrations , not much in the way of anything new on the scene but really enjoyed myself the same saw a lot of people from the past and for once didn't spend too much money !!! LOL

Stumbled upon this SHOW AND TELL SATURDAY so I thought I'd participate for the first time , so here are 2 atcs that are not secret.

You will find some greyt artists participating here

have a greyt week


BlackPumpkin said...

Love these!!! :)

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Love these faces, so charming. xox Corrine