Sunday, November 27, 2011

fat lady

I'm taking part in an ATC swap and the theme is fat chubby ladies so here is a sketch of my first one, now she needs to be painted with water colours.

If I carry on baking and eating cupcakes it won't be long before I'm gonna be nice and cuddly like her !!! :) :) :)

so this is my sketch for SUNDAY SKETCHES

Friday, November 25, 2011

thankful panic over

Just posted out my Secret Santa Gifts to my partners.............boy am I glad I've finished !!! I love doing these things but I get myself into such a tiz and panic, you should see the kitchen ...well let's say it's now an art room !!! luckily I haven't confussed the food with my art supplies......mind you with my cooking don't think that would be such a bad idea !!!! :) :) :)

I keep going back to look at my partners profile of likes and dislikes and then feel that what I've done isn't good enough so it's back to square one !!! Trying to decide what to send in the end was just as difficult........dunno why but I always end up in this predicament !!!.

Just had a look on PPF wow what a greyt bunch of artwork by some fantastic artists. You know I am truly grateful to all the artists I've met over the last couple of years and their generosity in sharing techniques and tips , which have helped me grow in my artwork...thank you one and all.

Here is a chunky page I did with what I could do with now .....a wave her magic wand and all will be clean and tidy in my kitchen !!! :)

Have a greyt weekend ...tonight boogie woogie lesson and on Sunday a kulture kustom fair...yay

hugs crafty

linking to :- PAINT PARTY FRIDAY

Sunday, November 20, 2011

new pencils

ATCS done with some pencils that I bought at the craft fair on Friday. This is the first time I've coloured in just using pencils, I'm more mixed media and watercolours. Now should I spray these with a fixitive or not....???

So I thought I would participate in PAINT PARTY FRIDAY .

have a greyt week
joan aka crafty

my sunday sketches

I've decided to participate in the SUNDAY SKETCHES
so here are some sketches I've been doing for some ATCs that I'm gonna do.

Please feel free to download these as a little gift from me to you, for my first time participating here.

joan aka Crafty


what a week, apart from getting over renal cholic with the odd twinge every now and then it's been a week of Making ATCs I've made about 20 in all but cannot show them as they are for swaps and a secret santa swap.

This secret santa swap is making me grow greyer by the day......everytime I do something I'm happy then a day or two later I read their profile and feel that it's not 100% to what I should be doing !!!

On Friday I went to the MONDO CREATIVO craft fair in Bologna with 2 dear friends, lots of nice stalls,tempting items to buy, mini workshops, demonstrations , not much in the way of anything new on the scene but really enjoyed myself the same saw a lot of people from the past and for once didn't spend too much money !!! LOL

Stumbled upon this SHOW AND TELL SATURDAY so I thought I'd participate for the first time , so here are 2 atcs that are not secret.

You will find some greyt artists participating here

have a greyt week

Friday, October 21, 2011